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Why You Need Albuquerque Family Law

Albuquerque Family Law does more than simply take care of clients through the legal process of a divorce. The AFL attorneys help protect all their clients’ interests; protects their safety, protects their children, and protects their personal and financial future. As  highly experienced divorce lawyers, the AFL attorneys make sure that clients get the full protection that New Mexico law allows and, when called for, the clients are supported by his team of professionals; accountants, medical & mental health professionals and financial advisors. If your family law issue or divorce goes to a hearing, you want to be the one with Albuquerque Family Law at your table!

Don and his team help to assure that both his client’s present and future are equally protected!

Family & Divorce Law

Many people try hard to do everything right, but find themselves in situations where they need a lawyer unexpectedly. Something is very wrong that is not going to get better by itself. Albuquerque Family Law, we pride ourselves on helping clients restructure their lives. We help people make the transition from the difficult to the stable, from the uncertain to the predictable. We know we are meeting good people at their worst times. It is our privilege and unique challenge to help good people to be their best again.


When you need an attorney, you need someone you can trust. At Albuquerque Family Law, we believe in our clients, and help them achieve the best results possible under the law. We will let you know what to expect, and help you lighten your load through a difficult time. 


The Foundation of AFL’s Law Practice

Albuquerque Family Law was founded on a tradition of integrity, common sense and a strong foundation based on the law. Our Albuquerque divorce law practice strives for timely resolution of difficult family situations with a minimal level of confrontation, particularly when children are involved. If you are seeking an Albuquerque family law attorney who provides quality legal service and has a tradition of integrity and legal and technical expertise in the specialty of family law and divorce law then you have arrived at the right place. 


Foremost in our firm is keeping our client’s interests at heart. In the areas of Family Law, the firm handles divorce, separations, child custody and child support, child visitation, and pre- and post-nuptial agreements as well as other family law legal matters.